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It is great to see that you are interested in working as a consultant for KIMM! We at KIMM work on a contract basis for some of Sweden’s finest employers of choice. As a consultant, you will be hired by KIMM, which is a part of Wise Professionals AB, for a certain period of time, usually from 3 to 12 months. Many of our consultants move on from one assignment to another and roughly half of them are eventually hired by our clients. That is the best rating we can possibly get! In your role as a consultant, you will find different corporate cultures and gain experience from various industries, which means that you will enhance and further your personal network as well as your CV in a short period of time.


How does it work?

We endeavour to have a professional and a personal approach to everything we do. During your first meeting with us, we get to know you and what you are passionate about, so that we are truly well-placed to match your requirements to our clients’ needs. Once you have been hired by us and are on a consultant assignment, we dedicate plenty of time to continuously staying in touch in order to follow up and guide you in your role. Each Consultant Manager at KIMM is in charge of no more than 25 hired-out consultants at any given time, as we want to establish a close-knit dialogue with our consultants and be sensitive to your growth and development. Our Consultant Managers are there for you to ensure you are content and pleased.


What are you offering me?

As a consultant at KIMM, you will always be offered a salary in line with market standards, a preventive healthcare subsidy, a pension fund, and collective bargaining agreement coverage – your feeling of job security is what matters most to us! We also collaborate with the MIS – (Stockholm Marketing Association), meaning that you, as a KIMM consultant, will be able to take part in their seminars and events free of charge. As well, we arrange several consultant meet-ups every year to give you the chance to meet and network with other consultants at KIMM. Just like we expect high standards from you, we expect you to demand the same thing from us as an employer. No matter where you are in your career, the consultant role should empower you with knowhow and experience for you to take with you all through your career.

Quotes from our consultants

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