The Startup

Should you actually have started recruiting yesterday? Are you not sure about what you and your company/organisation really need? Do you want help publishing an attractive advertisement that will strengthen your employer brand? Maybe you simply do not have the time to deal with all the applications and handle that important communication with all those fans seeking a place in your organisation?

We at KIMM will help you set the requirements for the post as well as designing an advertisement that will attract the right candidates for you. We will handle all the administrative tasks and all the communication with your candidates, who are also often your fans. Perhaps they are not quite right for a given role, even so, they should naturally have a truly great experience of your brand.

Thanks to The Startup, you gain access to our extensive network of outstanding marketing & communication candidates, who are typically digital stars. We will help you select and also do the phone interviews with those candidates who match the requirements set for the role best. After that, you are well-positioned to take over and perform 2-6 IRL interviews.

When is The Startup useful for you?

  1. When you want to start recruiting quickly
  2. When you want to get in touch with more candidates – through our unique network
  3. When you want some help selecting and communicating with your candidates


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