Do you need help attracting and hiring new staff in the field of marketing & communication? Is your employer brand important to you? When hiring us for a recruitment plan, we guarantee top quality and a personal approach all through the process and always keep your employer brand and the candidate experience in prime focus.

At KIMM we are constantly working hard to further ourselves, as well as our clients, in diversity-related issues. We like to challenge our clients and we sometimes propose candidates who may not look like they match the post in question at first sight. First of all is competence, of course – yet assessing competence and potential may be a tough job if one is not used to doing it. Because we at KIMM are specialists in candidate appraisal and thereby, also, in assessing people’s potential, we are able to spot things which other people do not see. That fact promotes the interests of the individual candidate as well as businesses and organisations as a whole, as groups having a good mix of people from different backgrounds, age-groups, featuring different characteristics, tend to deliver good results and create exciting workplaces.


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