Second Opinion

Are you managing the recruitment process by yourself and need to choose between two super candidates? Or do you already have a large network and are familiar with the person you are considering recruiting? Is it time, maybe, for someone in your company or organisation to take a leap to a new post?

We would love to help you with the final and decisive stage of your recruitment process in a proper and accurate way. Let us perform a Second Opinion check and assess the candidates by means of scientific input rather than simply going by your gut feeling. By using objective methods and testing tools, our applicant appraisal makes a vital contribution to your recruitment process while this collaboration also provides you with input for introduction and development efforts. We use quality assured testing tools to measure a candidate’s personal qualities and their capacity, we perform a competence-based interview and give the candidate comprehensive test-feedback.

After that, you get our external point of view on your final candidate. The applicant is given a fair and professional appraisal, and you are given solid input to make a well-informed decision

Is your final candidate eligible for a management position?  When recruiting managers and assessing management potential, in addition to psychometric personality and performance tests, we recommend a test that measures destructive stress-related behaviours. Based on your needs, we adapt our set-up to make sure you get the most out of this collaboration. We would be truly pleased to tell you more.

When is a Second Opinion useful for you?

  1. When you want an objective and independent assessment of your final candidates
  2. When you want input for introduction and development efforts
  3. When undergoing organisational change entailing new demands on existing employees


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