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We help you recruit and find consultants for posts in the field of communication, information, marketing & media. We who work here all have backgrounds in C-I-M-M   (K-I-M-M in Swedish) and therefore have the knowledge and the network needed to successfully recruit and supply consultants in these very fields. Right now, everyone is sharply focused on digital communication!

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Digital Communication Manager to Global Child Forum

We are now looking for a Digital Communication Manager to Global Child Forum for a temporary assignment for one year. A motivated person who is experienced in digital communication and outreach. The position demands the ability to use a variety of technical and creative solutions to strategically develop and drive Global Child Forum’s social media and web platform. You will be joining a small dedicated team with a big vision who seeks to ensure that Global Child Forum’s contributions to children’s rights are communicated with passion, integrity and purpose.

Stockholm Application deadline: 7 October, 2018

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Event & Marknadskoordinator

Lin har haft en spännande tillväxtresa och söker nu nästa digitala stjärna att utvecklas med oss. Om du värdesätter uttryck som; dynamik, kreativitet och innovation, kommer du att trivas hos oss. I rollen som marknadskoordinator har du dessutom möjligheten att påverka ditt eget jobb och driva egna projekt. Följ med på vår digitala resa och hjälp oss att göra skillnad!

Göteborg Application deadline: 11 October, 2018

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